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Placements for the 2016-2017 competition season start on May 16th. Call and make your reservation now!



About All American Cheer Force

Welcome to The All American Cheer Force, Columbus's premier cheerleading program. We are the “Next Generation” of cheerleading and home of the Red, Black & White! The athletes in the AAC Force program work with the most caring and trained staff  who strive to change the way youth of today view the sport of cheerleading. We want our teams to see cheerleading as the challenging and athletic sport that it is, requiring that athletes train year-round to develop physical and technical excellence! 

We are dedicated to giving each cheerleader  the safest, most creative, and positive cheerleading experience. Our staff strives to develop the “complete athlete” – physically, mentally, and emotionally by means of various competitions, community involvement, performances, and practices. Our goal is to teach athletes to be exceptional cheerleaders, but most of all, teach them to be exceptional individuals. We strive to train the youth in our program by enhancing their skills. In turn helping them reach their athletic potential and become well-rounded individuals.

All American Cheer Force's  primary purpose is to teach growing young children from the ages of 3 - 18 how to work together as a team. While each individual’s contribution is certainly important, team effort is the way we reach our goals. Throughout a person’s life, they will be in situations where they must work together to achieve common goals. Whether in professional or social life, teamwork is a lifetime lesson more valuable than any tumbling or stunting skill. AAC Force athletes will build and develop self confidence  through focus on teamwork, integrity, structure, and safe workouts.

The AAC Force Staff not only insists on good sportsmanship, working together towards common goals, and striving to win, we are most excited about the continuious development of the lifetime of skills that can be used through college and beyond, the lifetime of memories and lifetime of friendships. The All American Cheer Force  will not only develop great cheerleaders, but in the process instill confidence, positive attitudes, accountability, self-discipline, teamwork, and self-esteem, because we know that our athletes of today are our leaders of tomorrow!

We are extremely excited to bring a fresh new competitive atmosphere to Columbus where we will all Grow, Shine and Win together.



Would you like to become a sponsor of an All American Cheer Force Athlete or Program? If so please contact us at or call the Gym office at 614-580-7378

Contact us:   2935 E. 14th Ave - SIDE ENTRANCE!  Columbus, OH 43219

Cell- 614-580-7378 (Tina Osborne)